Meet a jerky that
has never heard of a rest stop

Devour began with a hunger for the outdoors. It came from the desire for a tasty and healthy snack that could offer something more flavourful than just “energy,” but could still keep up with our pace of life. It was the realization that tender, succulent and 100% high-quality meat could be carefully seasoned with an array of gourmet flavours. Devour became a delicious protein-packed snack that realizes the road less travelled generally isn’t a road, that has heard of jerky but doesn’t see the family resemblance and that makes every adventure a little more satisfying. Devour is jerky redefined.

The stuff you really want to know

12 months, and if you haven’t consumed it in that time, then you’re just not hungry.

Good luck not finishing it after you’ve opened it, but no. However, we do recommend enjoying Devour within 3 days of opening.

Devour clocks in at about 60-70 calories per serving, which you can easily burn if you eat it while planking.

Each pack is a 70-g portion so you won’t bite off more than you can chew and one size fits all.

We only bathe our delicious meat in flavour explosions and spice punches – no nitrates are added beyond those naturally occurring.

This is a trick question right? Devour is only sold throughout the naturally occurring beauty and splendour that we call Canada. As if you needed another reason to live here!

No, we don’t believe in performance enhancers. We only use all natural ingredients, which is what naturally makes Devour taste better than the average jerky.

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